Red Bull F1 Team

Concept car

Bespoke signs & graphics

GARAGE SIGNAGE – The designers at Red Bull Racing expect only the best. With this in mind Pullinger Signs were commissioned to manufacture a number of high profile signs to transform the F1 team’s garage into a vibrant and inspiring environment. A combination of custom sprayed aluminium, acrylics and LED illumination were used. Not only did these garage signs have to be beautifully crafted, but they also have to be extremely robust, because they continue to follow the team around the World and are re-assembled and installed for each race throughout the Racing calender.

MONACO GP – Red Bull F1 team were selected by Warner Brothers to launch the blockbuster film ‘Superman Returns’ at The Monaco Grand Prix. The team at Pullinger signs worked closely with Red Bull Brand managers and designers to create, transport and install a stunning display for this high profile and very successful event. We created a number of unique internally illuminated, vacuum formed, 3 dimensional  Superman logos. These signs were airbrushed and lacquered to accurately re-create the iconic ‘S’ logo. Various other sculptured art and graphics were supplied to create Superman’s ice palace.

CONCEPT CAR – We worked closely with the designers at Red Bull F1 to assist them with precise components for one of their amazing concept cars. 


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